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Activities with children

In general Croatia offers many different activities for families with children, with that said, families should just plan those activities ahead of time and not just expect to go out and find something to do. Croatians are very child friendly and kids are welcome in restaurants. If you forgot to pack something don't worry, diapers, sun crème, mosquito repellent, baby formula, baby food and just about anything else you could need can all be found in local supermarkets. It's not a third world country by any means.

Murter and its surrounding villages are not known for their theme parks or huge amusement rides, which is great for parents who want a holiday without beeping noises and flashing lights and actually just want to get away from all of that. For the child who is used to high stimulation or requires a TV or a computer for entertainment, Murter may get boring fairly quickly. The beaches offer safe and clean swimming and the island has a few playgrounds near those beaches to provide a bit of extra entertainment. The advantages of the "HMS Nautilus" and the "HMS Bounty" are that the houses have fully stocked kitchens so you are on no one's schedule but your own and can prepare meals at any time of the day. Also the houses are situated in the pedestrian zones so you don't need to worry about cars and the kids running around. Children of all ages will find roaming around the winding cobblestone streets of Betina adventurous and a great place to place hide-and-go seek.

As parents we come to Murter and the Dalmatia Coast to share the beaches and outdoor activities, national parks and the Croatian culture with our children and thus can suggest the following activities:


Murter has plentiful outdoor sports and water activities; all located around the mains beaches which are highlighted on the map provided on this website.

Swimming/snorkelling - There are two public beaches within walking distance from the "HMS Nautilus" and "HMS Bounty". One is located at the corner where Betina turns into Murter. This is actually a sand harbour and a nice place for older and smaller children to swim and snorkel as there are different depths and no waves. The second beach is pebbles and located in the Betina harbour. It can be reached via foot-brides spanning the water canals, which have been recently added to connect the village from "end-to-end."

The beaches are beautiful and clean and the waves calm, but you do need to watch out for the sea urchins. These small black spiky creatures are all over, proof the sea is clean! You find them in between the rocks where the sea meets the shore. Solution is simple, plastic shoes or sandals for you and the kids. Jellyfish are sometimes spotted as well, but this is a seasonal event.

Sailing, wind-surfing and scuba diving courses are offered to children beginning at 8 years of age from operators in Betina as well as in Murter.

Besides the water activities, Murter also offers hiking and bicycling opportunities. Just remember it is hot, so bring plenty of liquids for you and the kids. The mild wind (maestral) sometimes lead you to believe it is not that hot. It is important to try to keep children in the shade and protect them with between 11 am and 3 pm, when the sun is the warmest. In the evening, you may notice mosquito's, protect the uncovered parts of your body with a mild insect repellent lotion.


Murter is ideally located to many of Croatia's National Parks all worth a day trip to explore the natural wonders. Each of the parks offers something a bit different and are well suited to do with children. We have extensive information on this website under :: National Parks to help you plan your trip and judge distances. In this section we have simply added some tips when you are at these locations with children.

Krka National Park - about 35 minutes from Murter
Waterfalls and fauna galore. Plan to spend the day here. Food, beverages and clean toilets available in the park. We suggest parking in Skradin and taking the boat into the National park from here. The kids will love the water scenery and adventure. The boat trip is free of charge. The park is connected with trails and foot bridges so make sure small children are able to walk it or consider bringing a carrier. We recommend bringing a carrier or backpack for small children rather than a carriage.

Kornati Islands and Telašcica - day trip from Murter
A trip to Murter is not complete without exploring the Kornati Islands. The boat ride and the excursions on-land are perfect for families. All tour operators in Murter and Betina cater to families. Adult and child prices include lunch and round trip passage. Discuss the need for children's life jackets before booking the trip. Bring sun screen, towels, mosquito repellent, those plastic shoes and snorkel gear. If you are prone to sea-sickness, consider taking a tablet before shoving off. If time permits and you feel like another boat journey with the kids, ask the same tour operators' about Telašcica, this is nice compliment to the island hoping destinations.

Vraner Lake - about 20 min from Murter
This is a biological treat and near to home and probably more appreciated by older children just entering their science studies. If you want to take a break from the sea and visit a different habitat, this is worth the short drive. Kids would have fun with binoculars and watching the different types of bird species. If you have a book on plants and fauna be sure to pack it as it will help the discovery process. We recommend carriers and not carriages for smaller children.

Paklenica - About 1.5 hours from Murter
A trip to Paklencia is an undertaking from Murter, especially if you just want to spend the day. But if this is the only time you are ever plan on being in Croatia than a visit to Paklencia is highly recommended, especially if you are an outdoor enthusiast. The park is approximately 1.5 hours away and is all about hiking, walking and climbing, so the day will be a strenuous one. Add children to the equation and it is even more strenuous. Before going, plan what you want to do and make sure you have the equipment to do it. Paklencia has prepared routes for rock climbers and courses for children can be pre-arranged. The trails for hiking are clearly marked but it is worth in investing in a map so you are familiar with the area. There's a nice hike to the Manita Pec, which is a stalagmites and stalactites cave which is illuminated by lights and is visited with a guide. Great for kids of all ages. Paklencia is definitely a backpack or other carrier trip, the terrain is not for carriages.

Plitvice Lakes - 2.5 to 3 hours away
If you have more time, then we recommend visiting Krka first and then Plitvice, as Plitvice is the more impressive of the two, but also the furthest away. It is a definite must see when one comes to Croatia. Flora, fauna and waterfalls will astonish children of all ages. The park is connected with trails and foot bridges so make sure small children are able to walk it or consider bringing a carrier.


The island of Murter has a lot to offer guests of all ages, especially during the high seasons. Each village hosts an array of public shows during the weekdays and weekends during the summer months; there is always a festival or event going on somewhere. The Betina Tourist Information is a good source of information as to where such events are going on or just pay attention to posters on the streets advertising the activities.

Murter and Betina offer pedestrian zones for your family to walk around and just take in the sites without having to worry about auto traffic. The pedestrian zones are also nice to push strollers, but the cobble stone streets may prove to be a challenge.

In Sibenik at the end of June and beginning of July is the International Children's festival. This festival is dedicated to the creativity of the very young. Also in Sibenik is the Bunari Museum a multimedia exhibit that fill this 15th century vaulted water storage, transformed into an interactive museum. Instead of the 20,800 barrels of water once held here, there are now seven themed areas that lead visitors on a chronological tour of Sibenik's past.
It's loads of fun for children, who can build an ancient fort in 25 seconds or play a shipwreck themed flipper game. Adult oriented exhibits include informative text boards, video displays and glass encased ancient amphorae.

Of course for longer city tours, the Diocletian Palace in Split and the Old Town in Trogir are also all within an hours driving distance away.

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